Eat Healthy
It goes without saying that your diet is an important part of your training.
Don't snack on chips and cookies -- eat apples, carrots, or nuts instead.  Avoid soda pop and other beverages with sugar and caffeine.  Drink water, fruit juice, or a sports drink.
After a hard workout at the track, elite athletes have been known to enjoy a cool smoothie blended from fresh fruits and other natural ingredients.
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posted Mar 8, 2011, 5:33 AM by Laura Frye

If you are unable to make a practice- please get in the appropriate workout below. Remember to stretch well, and drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout. Safety first.
Goal for first 4 weeks of practice is conditioning focused on sustained running and drills.  After 4 weeks the runners should have a base of fitness that will allow us to start interval training and other race specific workouts 1-2 times per week without a risk of injury.

Week #1              20-40 minutes of easy running (depends on current fitness level) 4 times per week.  Stretching and drills.

Week #2              20-40 minutes of easy running.  4-5 times per week.  Stretching and drills.

Week #3              25 minutes of easy running 2/wk.  30-50 minute easy run 2/wk.  25 minute run at faster pace 1/wk.  Stretching and drills.

Week #4              25 minutes of easy running 2/wk.  30-50 minute easy run 1/wk.  25 minute run at faster pace 2/wk.  Stretching and drills.

Starting  week 5 we’ll be ready for track workout and other quality runs.
Week #1       10 Minutes of easy running. Goal: Run the entire 10 minutes with out walking. 
                      10 Minutes varied running: Run a short distance- (at home- from one lightpole to the next, or every other light pole), then for the same distance, skip, sprint, high knees, soldier walks, lunges, karoke, or butt kick drills. Repeat jog, then drill.
Week #2       10 - 15 Minutes of easy running. Goal: Run the entire time frame with out walking.
                      10 Minutes of wind sprints mixed with drills. Jog a distance, sprint, return to a jog, sprint, repeat.
Week #3       10-15 Minutes of easy running:  Goal: run the entire time frame with out walking.
                      10 Minutes: Fast run for 30- 45 seconds, ease down to slow jog for 2 minutes. Repeat.
Week #1       


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Ice is your Friend! Training Message From Coach Baugh

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We're now in full swing with our 2008 track season.  We've raced a lot lately with our Saturday team meet, juniors at Timberstone meet on Monday and mini-meet on Tuesday.  As well, Wednesday practice involved interval workout for most of our team.  It's very important that coaches and parents are asking how the kids are feeling.  It's quite possible that some kids are experiencing sore muscles.  I strongly advise insuring the kids are well hydrated before and after practices/meets.  As well, ice is your friend.  Kids won't ice sore muscles without a parent or coach prompting them.  Trust me, I've consistently iced sore muscles over the years and it helps prevent injury.  Make sure your sore running child grabs an ice pack and applies while watching American Idol, the Tigers etc. before bed.
Coach Baugh

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