Welcome to Secor Metropark, from the Friends of Secor!
As of 4/13/2011, the Friends of Secor group is no longer active.  See the News page for more info.
What is the Friends of Secor Park Group?
The Friends are a non-profit organization formed by people with an appreciation and passion for the natural and historical wonders of the Park.

What we do?
We assist the Metroparks of the Toledo Area in enhancing and maintaining Secor Park’s natural beauty and public programming through beautification and refurbishment projects that enhance the heritage of this remarkable remnant of the oak savannah, by:
  • Encouraging and supporting public awareness, understanding and enjoyment of Secor Park.
  • Assisting with special projects and funding campaigns necessary to the perpetuation of the Metropark District.
  • Working with the staff at Secor Park on projects, programs and activities of interest to the volunteers that enhance the park’s appearance, protect natural areas, and provide opportunities for public education.
Recent Accomplishments/Projects
  • Assisted with re-building of the walking bridge on the Yellow Trail.
  • Trail and creek cleanups.
  • Native plant species sales.
  • Prairie seed collection.
  • Assisted with winter evening ski program.
  • Participant in development of General Master Plan for Secor Park.

Mission Statement

The Friends of Secor Metropark is a diverse group of individuals dedicated to the continued preservation of this community resource through projects and efforts aimed at supporting and enhancing Metropark ideals and the natural, historical, and cultural integrity of the park so this and future generations can enjoy this remarkable remnant of the oak savannah.

Membership in the Friends of Secor is free.  You may join at any time.



The Friends meet on the third Tuesday of the month in the Secor Room of the main building.